Thursday, February 6, 2020

D3M0N BR07H3RS - Comment Wall

Please leave comments here for my storybook, The Demon Brothers.

Thank you!
(thank you image by woodleywonderworks)

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  1. Hello! This is supposed to be feedback on your project, Demon Brothers! First of all, I love the way your opening page looks on the story book! I picture is very nice, clear and colorful. I also like how you mixed the letters/numbers in the title of the project- it makes it look so mysterious and cool! The intro page also looks very nice, however, I would suggest maybe making the banner image different from the opening page. This is a personal preference, but I think it would add variety to the site. Maybe another cool picture of a different cave.
    As for the actual story, I was a bit confused on who the narrator was for the tale. You open up with a diary entry, but it's hard to tell who is writing the diary. It makes the story a bit confusing. Maybe if you move the little note that you have at the bottom of the page to the top, it would make it a bit more clear. That way we have an intro into the story/the layout of the story before the story starts. Also, who is Abhavi? From the explanation at the bottom, it talks about 2 demon brothers and a wise teacher. I thought Abhavi was a demon brother, but it looks like the demon brothers are Ilvala and Vatapi. Maybe you could explain this in a little authors note or clarify it a bit in the story. My confusion might be because I don't think I've read the story that this is based on-maybe you could add a link to the indian epic story that inspired you!
    I loved the adventure aspect of your story, it reminded me of Indiana Jones (which I love). You left the story on a bit of a cliffhanger, so I'm excited to read more!